Which pastry ingredient has a tenderizing and conditioning effect on the gluten?

Salt has some tenderizing and conditioning effect on the gluten. However,its main contribution is to flavor. Salt must be dissolved in the liquid before being added to the mix to ensure even distribution.

What two ingredients have a tenderizing effect on gluten?

Buttermilk, an acidic ingredient, also tenderizes. Liquids bridge both categories as a toughener or a tenderizer. Water and milk enhance the development of gluten and/or gelatinization of starch in the flour or the setting of the structure (baking) and thus serve as a toughener.

Which ingredient interferes with gluten formation?

Mixing, type of flour, amount of water, and presence of fats are amongst the factors that can affect gluten formation. Fats can prevent gluten development by creating a coating around the proteins (see shortening).

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Which type of baked products depend the least on gluten formation?

Sweet baking recipes such as layer cakes, biscuits, cookies, and muffins typically make use of chemical reactions rather than fermentation for leaven used in yeast breads. These recipes generally employ a flour (all-purpose or cake) containing less gluten than that used (bread flour) in yeast-leavened goods.

Which ingredient affects gluten development by shortening the gluten and keeping it from binding with water quizlet?

Sugar is another tenderizer that inhibits gluten development. Sugar is hygroscopic, meaning that it attracts and binds to water.

What are the ingredients that tenderize the cake?

Basic Cake Ingredients

Tougheners Flour, Milk Solids, Egg Whites will make your cake tougher or stronger
Tenderizers Sugar, Fats, Egg Yolks, Chocolate, Leavenings, Emulsifiers, Starches, Gums will make your cakes more tender or weaker
Moisteners Water, Liquid Milk, Liquid Eggs, Syrups, Liquid Sugars

What is the basic ingredient in baking that improves aroma flavor and nutrition in baking products?

Baking powder is a chemical aeration agent. Eggs are another basic ingredient in many baked products. They provide structure, aeration, flavour and moisture. They also tenderise cakes and add colour and nutritive value.

Which flour has the most gluten?

Bread flour has the highest amounts of gluten at 12-14%, and works well in yeast products.

Does salt inhibit gluten development?

Salt tightens the gluten structure.

When salt is left out, the resulting dough is slack and sticky in texture, work-up is difficult, and bread volume is poor.

How can I get gluten without kneading?

No-knead bread is a method of bread baking that uses a very long fermentation (rising) time instead of kneading to form the gluten strands that give the bread its texture. It is characterized by a low yeast content and a very wet dough.


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Ingredients Grams Baker’s %
Water 300 75%
Formula 709

Does Gluten get weaker the longer you mix?

The color or the material of a baking pan has no effect on the baking process. The most commonly used liquids in baking are water and milk. Durum wheat is the most popular type of wheat for making baked products. Gluten gets weaker the longer you mix.

How can you strengthen the gluten in your baked goods?

Stirring, kneading, folding, mixing—all these actions help gluten stretch and organize itself into a network. The more you mix, the stronger the gluten becomes.

What happens to gluten The longer you mix it?

Time serves as a general tool for controlling gluten development; the longer the flour and water spend together during the hydration process, the more numerous the gluten bonds will be, while a longer mixing time will speed up hydration by forcing the water into the flour.

What is the ingredient that helps products rise?

Baking Powder is a combination of dry acid and baking soda. When chemical leavening agents are mixed with a liquid, the mixture gives off carbon dioxide (CO2). Heat makes the carbon dioxide expand and the product rises.

Which flour would be the best for making a relatively chewy crust?

The slow overnight rise in the refrigerator allows the dough to develop a complex flavor and improve its browning and crumb structure. Bread flour helps to give pizza that pleasing chewy texture, and instant yeast lets you skip the step you find in many recipes for proofing the yeast in water ahead of time.

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What are two ingredients that make bread tender?

FATS. Fats include butter, margarine, oil and shortening. They add richness, moisture and make the bread tender.

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