What is vegan at Juice It Up?

Does juice it up have vegan options?

We are here for our vegan customers! We offer Soy and Almond Milk as a substitute for a vegan protein boost. Also ask about switching any yogurt or sherbet with our variety of frozen fruits to make any Classic or Specialty Smoothie vegan.

Does juice it up have dairy free?

Toppings, Add Ons, and Boosts

We did verify with Juice It Up that their granola and probiotic are indeed dairy-free.

Does juice it up use real fruit?

Our smoothies are made from real fruit and blended with your choice of nonfat Greek yogurt or sherbet. We always use real and natural ingredients to create a smoothie made just for you.

What is in the Detoxifier at Juice It Up?

The Detoxifier started off as a really, really green drink — maybe a bit too organicky for some. Recently, it was reformulated to taste better as it reboots your personal operating system, the gut. New ingredients include cucumber, red grapes, pineapple, spinach, lemon, and ginger.

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How do I apply for juice it up?

Download and print our Employment Application to take the first step. Once you’ve filled it out, you can drop it by the Juice It Up! store at which you’d like to work. Simply present it to a manager for consideration.

Are acai bowls from Juice It Up Healthy?

Acai Bowls Increase Energy and Stamina

Acai bowls are rich in carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats that keep energy and stamina levels at a stable high. Acai’s low sugar content makes it a much more nutritional alternative to other fruits that are high in sugar.

Are acai bowls healthy?

Though they’re nutrient dense and rich in antioxidants, commercial varieties are often sold in large portion sizes and may be high in added sugar and calories. Making your own acai bowl at home can help you moderate your portion sizes and is a great way to take control of what you’re putting on your plate.

What protein does juice it up use?

Juice It Up! has two very specific protein smoothies providing 20 – 30+ grams of protein using soy protein or whey protein: the Zone and the Protein Blast.

Is juice it up good for you?

But, they are delicious, nutritious, & an energizing addition to your nutrient intake every day. If you’re consuming a green juice with no starchy vegetables, then you’re all good. If your juice contains all fruit, then the portion size should entail four to eight ounces, depending on your activity.

Does juice it up have added sugar?

Superfoods make the ultimate healthy treat because of its nutrient dense content, unlike a bag of chips or can of soda. The sweetness comes straight from the fruits and vegetables and has no added sugars. Juice It Up! has a variety of smoothies, bowls, and juices to satisfy any sort of craving that will help you.

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Is juice it up good for weight loss?

Absolutely. There are so many nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that come from juicing, regardless of whether someone loses weight or not. Some raw juice blends contain superfood ingredients such as kale, wheatgrass, and spinach, all of which provide the body with tremendous nutrients.

How much weight can you lose on a 3 Day Juice Cleanse?

Whether juicing is a good idea for long-term, sustained weight loss is another story. A small 2017 study of 20 people who juiced for three days found that they shed about two pounds, on average, and saw an increase in gut bacteria associated with weight loss.

What is the best juice cleanse for weight loss?

Best Juice Cleanses

  • Best 7-Day Cleanse: Skinny Cleanse by Raw Generation.
  • Best 1-Day Cleanse: Project Juice Build Your Own Cleanse.
  • Best 3-Day Cleanse: Suja 3-Day Juice Cleanse.
  • Best Celery Juice Cleanse: Raw Generation Daily Greens Celery Juice.
  • Best for Immunity: Ethan’s Immune Boost Original 12-Pack.


Is Juicing for 30 days healthy?

Fresh fruits and vegetables hold amazing power to boost our health and vitality. Join us as we discover the power of juicing and make it a part of our daily lives. The 30-day program below gradually incorporates high-nutrient ingredients into delicious juices.

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