Is Pussers rum gluten free?

The Pusser’s 15 year Rum was named the Single Malt of Rums by Forbes magazine. … This rum is all natural with no artificial flavors or colors and it is gluten free.

Which rums are gluten free?

Brands of Gluten-Free Rum

  • Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum.
  • Bacardi—only Gold, Superior, 151, and flavored.
  • Bayou Rum.
  • Bundaberg Rum.
  • Captain Morgan Rum.
  • Cruzan Rum.
  • Malibu Rum.
  • Montanya Distillers.

What is Pussers rum made from?

Pusser’s Rum is the product of stills located in Guyana. The rums are blended to create the ideal balance of naturally occurring flavouring compounds known as “esters” and “congeners.” Unlike most rums, Pusser’s is all natural and is never artificially flavoured or coloured.

What is different about Pussers rum?

Pusser’s Rum Ltd. bottles, blends and distributes the original Royal Navy rum — one of the most historic and traditional rums still available today. The rich flavour of Pusser’s Rum is all natural — no artificial flavouring or colouring is added.

What rum is similar to Pussers?

What other rums make a nice Painkiller aside from Pusser’s?

  • Mt. Gay Eclipse.
  • Coruba.
  • Bacardi 8.
  • Smith & Cross.
  • Rhum Clement Select Barrel.
  • Banks 7.
  • Rhum Barbancourt 4 Year.
  • Hamilton Demerara.
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Is sperm gluten-free?

But is semen gluten-free? The fact is, it’s unlikely that semen contains any gluten.

Is Coca Cola gluten-free?

The ingredients in Coca-Cola do not contain gluten. Ingredients containing gluten must be identified on the label, so you can check all our products at

Why are sailors called Pussers?

Rum not only gave them that, but also imparted some sense of taste amid the cold porridge and salted meat that came in daily. They called the drink Pusser’s rum because the ship’s purser (pusser is the slang for it) was responsible for issuing the rum. Pusser’s became the original rum of the British Navy.

What is the best rum?

Here are the best rums to drink for any occasion, from white rums for refreshing cocktails to aged rums for contemplative sipping.

  • Best Overall: Mount Gay Black Barrel. …
  • Best White Rum: Ten To One White Rum. …
  • Best Dark Rum: Plantation Xaymaca Special Dry. …
  • Best for Sipping: Barrell Rum “Tale Of Two Islands” 8 Year.


What does Pussers mean?

“Pusser” is Royal Navy slang for a purser, a ship’s supply officer, now called a Logistics Officer. … Since then, this has been known in Royal Naval Slang as “Black Tot Day.” The remaining rum stocks were put up for auction.

What is the best navy rum?

The Best Navy Rums

  • 10 Pusser’s Rum Gunpowder Proof (Black Label) Rich. …
  • 9 Pusser’s Rum Original Admiralty Blend (Blue Label) …
  • 8 Skipper Demerara Rum. …
  • 7 Pusser’s Rum 15 Year (DISCONTINUED) …
  • 6 Wood’s Old Navy Rum. …
  • 5 Black Tot Last Consignment British Royal Navy Rum. …
  • 4 Gunroom Navy Rum. …
  • 3 Smith & Cross Traditional Jamaica Rum.
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How strong is Pussers rum?

While their Blue Label is still made with the exact same blend of rums – a recipe from the Admiralty – it is now bottled at 40% abv rather that 54.5% abv. The reasoning behind this, is it allows Pusser’s to be distributed to Naval bases, where the maximum allowed strength is 40%.

How much does Pussers rum cost?

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Store Information Price and Size 800-608-9141 United States Shipping info for $ 8.99
Suds And Spirits 619-736-9294 United States Shipping info for Suds And Spirits $ 8.99
Sip Whiskey 888-317-5963 United States Shipping info for Sip Whiskey $ 8.99

What alcohol is comparable to 151 rum?

Which rums are similar to Bacardi 151? There are several overproof rums with high alcohol content that can replace Bacardi 151. A few examples are Gosling’s Black Seal Dark 151 Rum, Lemon Hart 151 or the Pusser’s British Navy Overproof Rum. These rums are some of the very best overproof rums in the market today.

Why Bacardi 151 was discontinued?

Because of its high alcohol content, Bacardi 151 was particularly flammable among liquors. … While the company never issued a formal statement regarding the product’s discontinuation, it has been speculated that “it’s a pretty good guess that Bacardi got sick of being sued.”

What are the best dark rums?

Best dark rum to buy

  • Havana Club Seleccion de Maestros (45% ABV)
  • Diplomático Seleccion de Familia (43% ABV)
  • Gosling’s Family Reserve Old Rum (40% ABV)
  • Ron La Progesiva 13 (41% ABV)
  • Appleton Estate 8-Year-Old Reserve (43% ABV)
  • El Dorado 12-Year-Old (40% ABV)
  • Equiano Rum (43% ABV)
  • Captain Bligh XO (40% ABV)
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