Is Marie Callender’s apple pie vegan?

Marie Callender’s Dutch Apple Pie, Razzleberry Pie, Cherry Crunch Pie, Lattice Apple Pie, and Lattice Peach Pie are ALL vegan!

Which frozen apple pie is vegan?

Marie Callender Frozen Fruit Pies and Cobblers in Cherry Crunch, Dutch Apple, Lattice Peach, and Razzleberry are all vegan products.

Does Marie Callender’s apple pie have dairy?

Smith’s changed their recipe, so all of their pies now contain dairy. But Marie Callender’s frozen pies still comes in many dairy-free varieties.

What frozen pies are vegan?

Keep your eyes peeled for these vegan pies:

  • Dutch Apple Pie.
  • Razzleberry Pie.
  • Lattice Apple Pie.
  • Lattice Peach Pie.


Is Marie Callender’s strawberry rhubarb pie vegan?

The French Apple Pie is technically vegan presuming the sugar is vegan. … The Strawberry Rhubarb Pie also does not contain dairy or eggs, but my local Marie Callender’s didn’t have it. The “No Sugar Added” Apple Pie contains dairy.

What brand of apple pie is vegan?

Marie Callender’s Dutch Apple Pie, Razzleberry Pie, Cherry Crunch Pie, Lattice Apple Pie, and Lattice Peach Pie are ALL vegan!

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Is Walmart apple pie vegan?

Apple pie filling is mostly just apples and water, so it’s usually 100% vegan-friendly. For example, Great Value (Walmart) Apple Pie contains: … Water. Food starch-modified (corn)

How much is an apple pie from Marie Callender’s?

Marie Callender’s Prices

Item Price
Pumpkin Pie $7.57
Apple Pie $6.24
Cherry Pie $6.65
French Apple Pie $6.44

Are Marie Callender’s pies good?

The consensus was that Marie Callender’s pie tasted the most authentic and the best overall. … If you like your pies tart, go with Sara Lee.

How do you make Marie Callender’s apple pie?

Baking instructions: do not prepare in microwave or toaster oven.

  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Remove plastic wrapper from pie. …
  2. Bake pie on cookie sheet in center of oven 50 to 55 minutes.
  3. Remove pie from oven on cookie sheet. …
  4. Bake pie an additional 10 minutes. …
  5. Check that pie is cooked thoroughly. …
  6. Let cool.

Can Vegans eat pie?

Depending on the crust, many apple pies are vegan. For example, the Costco Apple Pie is made without animal products, such as lard in the crust. Always review the ingredients and look for things like lard, butter, eggs, etc.

Is store bought apple pie vegan?

All fruit pies are vegan, so opt for a Dutch Apple, Lattice Peach, or Mince Pie.

Is the apple pie at McDonald’s Vegan?

While you can’t enjoy their McFlurry or chocolate chip cookie, McDonald’s apple pie is actually free of animal products. While it’s not certified vegan—this classic dessert is a safe bet, says Appelö.

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What kind of pies does Marie Callender’s have?

Fruit Pies

  • Apple. Tart sliced apples, sweetened and lightly-spiced with cinnamon.
  • Cherry. With juicy, tart, red cherries.
  • French Apple. Our traditional apple pie with a crumbly cinnamon streusel topping.
  • Peach. With thick sliced peaches.
  • Pumpkin. …
  • Razzleberry® …
  • Rhubarb. …
  • Sour Cream Apple (seasonal)

Does Marie Callender’s have rhubarb pie?

Marie Callender’s Strawberry Rhubarb Streusel Pie contains zero trans fat and no artificial flavors or preservatives. Enjoy the combination of fine ingredients and the love and care baked into Marie Callender’s recipes for the comforting taste of delicious, homemade goodness.

Does Marie Callender’s apple pie have eggs?

“You are correct we use an egg wash on the top crust of all our fruit pies ( There is a very minimal amount of egg, I am allergic to egg and it does not effect me) We do not use egg wash on our cream pies or French apple or Sour Cream Apple pies.” …

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