Is Rita’s cotton candy vegan?

Apple Berry Blue Banana Blood Orange
Cherry Cherry Lemonade Cherry Limeade
Chocolate Chocolate Peanut Butter Cotton Candy

What’s dairy-free at Rita’s?

The fresh-baked waffle cones and bowls contain dairy and eggs, but the premade waffle cones and bowls are dairy-free and egg-free. Ask in store to find out which one they offer. Note: The Chocolate Cone Dip is made without milk ingredients, but it has a potential cross-contamination warning for milk.

What is Rita’s custard made out of?

Our award winning Old-Fashioned Frozen Custard is rich and creamy – made with high quality ingredients such as real eggs, cream, and sugar. A premium alternative to soft serve ice cream!

Is there egg in Rita’s custard?

Rita’s acknowledges that there will be a slight difference in taste and texture. “The egg in our Frozen Custard provides a rich, creamy flavor and texture — that’s what makes our product so unique!” the company said on its site. “That being said, our soft-serve ice cream comes pretty darn close!”

Is Rita’s chocolate water ice vegan?

Is Rita’s Water Ice Vegan? Almost all flavors of Rita’s Water Ice are vegan. The only non-vegan flavor as of 2021 is “Chocolate Chocolate Chip,” as it contains milk.

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What is vegan at Rita’s?

While they do serve some dairy-containing ices, many of their sweet frozen treats are vegan! Here’s the rule of thumb according to their corporate office: All of the Italian Ices are vegan. However, the Cream Ices and the Frozen Custards contain dairy, and are therefore not vegan.

Is Rita vegan?

All the All-Natural Ice flavors at Rita’s are vegan.

Is Dairy Queen custard or ice cream?

TECHNICALLY, WHEN YOU ORDER A CONE OR CUP AT DAIRY QUEEN, YOU’RE NOT GETTING ICE CREAM. According to the company, “Our soft-serve does not qualify to be called ice cream. To be categorized as ice cream, the minimum butterfat content must be 10 percent, and our soft-serve has only 5 percent butterfat.”

Is custard healthier than ice cream?

Brands vary, but vanilla ice-cream typically has about 10 per cent more calories than custard, as well as twice the saturated fat, less protein and half the calcium and potassium. … For the healthiest option, make your own custard using eggs, milk and vanilla bean, with minimal sugar and no cream.

Is Rita’s going out of business?

Rita’s is closing its doors permanently.

Is there soy in frozen custard?

Common allergens are present in custard toppings and cross-contact with other allergens may occur in the custard preparation and mixing area.


ButterBurger “The Original”
Soy Yes
Milk Yes
Wheat/Gluten Yes

Is Rita’s custard safe for dogs?

Rita’s Italian Ice

There have been times that we’ve brought the dogs along, too, and they get their own doggie treat: vanilla custard with a dog treat on the side. The brand loves being pet-friendly so much that, on its Facebook page, it even asks customers to post pictures of their pups enjoying their trip to Rita’s.

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Is Italian Ice healthy?

If you are following a low-fat diet, Italian ice may be a better choice than other frozen desserts, such as ice cream, which contains 7 g of fat per 4 oz. … If you are following a low-fat diet, Italian ice may be a better choice than other frozen desserts, such as ice cream, which contains 7 g of fat per 4 oz.

Is water ice vegan?

Sorbet, Popsicles, frozen fruit bars and the like are also delish. WATER ICE IS A cherished summer institution in Philly, and those of us who skip dairy, whether for ethical, health or other concerns, can appreciate this cool vegan treat. … So dairy- and cholesterol-free desserts abound at the store.

Is there milk in Italian ice?

Italian ice is similar to sorbet and snow cones, but differs from American-style sherbet in that it does not contain dairy or egg ingredients.

Does Italian ice have soy?

Thank you and enjoy!!! PLEASE NOTE: All of our products are housed and manufactured in shared facilities, utilizing shared equipment. Jeremiah’s cannot guarantee that any item is allergen-free. This includes, but is not limited to dairy, caseinates, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, gluten, and soybeans.

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