Is Dutch Bros dairy free?

Our drinks are great dairy-free! We can make them with any of our plant based milks, including oat, almond and coconut. If you’re vegan and your diet allows for cane sugar, most of our products will work for you. Feel free to send us your favorite drink and we’re happy to provide specific nutrition information.

How do I order dairy free at Dutch Bros?

Ingredients that are not dairy-free and vegan

  1. Nonfat milk.
  2. 2% milk.
  3. Dutch chocolate milk.
  4. Kick me (half and half)
  5. Whip cream.
  6. Caramel sauce.
  7. White chocolate sauce.
  8. Pumpkin sauce (this is seasonal)


Does Dutch Bros have milk substitutes?

Dutch Bros has a variety of milks available. To make your drink healthier, try out one of the non-dairy ones. The Dutch Bros Coffee Menu has options like coconut, soy and almond milk along with dairy ones as well.

What type of milk does Dutch Bros have?

Oat Milk is now available with any drink and is currently featured in Dutch Bros Coffee’s Oat Milk Kicker.

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Does Dutch Bros smoothies have dairy?

Coffee sells smoothies in 4 different sizes: Kids, Small, Medium, and Ginormous Huge 32 oz. Flavors: Peach, Strawberry, Blueberry Pommagranit, Berry, Mango, and I think that’s it. Smoothies are all natural, and you can get them dairy free if you so desire.

What is the Dutch Bros secret menu?

Customers also call this one Bob, for short, and you better believe it’s the most well-known secret menu drink among Dutch Bros customers and staff. … The Bob Marley is a blend of Chocolate Mocha, Banana, and Coconut, and you can try it in any drink from – from hot to iced, blended, chai, or breve.

What does skinny mean at Dutch Bros?

At Dutch Bro’s, choose a Skinny Annihilator instead of an Annihilator Freeze. The non-fat milk and healthy sugar substitute reduces the calorie count by 350 and reduces the amount of sugar by 15 g.

Is the Dutch Bros straw Code real?

It was time for everyone to know the truth. He has assured me that no, it is not a real thing. When the lines get long, which is often at Dutch, they don’t have the time to use a straw color code. Apparently, according to my source, they give out the pink and orange straws the most because they look the most fun.

What is a Caramelizer at Dutch Bros?

Brew up 2 shots of espresso with Wakey Wakey Morning Roast coffee. Once coffee is brewed, mix your caramel sauce so that it dissolves into the hot espresso. Pour into ice, and then top off with chocolate milk and whipped cream.

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What is vegan at Dutch Bros?

How do you know what is vegan at Dutch Bros? … Luckily, our Bro-rista (yup, that’s what they’re called) was also vegan and gave us the rundown. Lattes, Americanos and Cold Brews are fine with non-dairy milk. The Oat Milk Kicker, which launched in 2021, is vegan and features creamy oat milk and espresso.

What Dutch Bros drink should I get?

Craving Dutch Bros? You Need to Try These 9 TikTok-Approved Drinks

  • Half Kicker, Half Annihilator. Looking for a drink that’ll give you a serious caffeine buzz? …
  • Pomegranate Orange Blended Rebel. Bright and beautiful, don’t sleep on this drink! …
  • Sparkling Lavender Lemonade. …
  • Iced Golden Eagle Beve. …
  • Shark Attack Soda.

What is your favorite Dutch Bros drink?

Utahns top 5 favorite drinks from Dutch Bros

  • Ice Golden Eagle Breve.
  • Hot Caramelizer Mocha.
  • Ice Double RainbroRebel.
  • White Chocolate Mocha Dutch Freeze.
  • Hot Dutch Cocoa.


What is a kicker at Dutch Bros?

38 Cards in this Set

Hot Kicker 1 Flat Scoop Irish Cream 2.2.4 shots if espresso Steam Kick Me Mix
Apple cider 1 Flat scoop of cinnamon Steamed apple juice Ask about whip
Not so hot 1 Flat scoop of flavor (if requested) Steamed chocolate blend to 100 degrees Ask about whip

What should I order at Dutch Bros Coffee?

30 Drinks At Dutch Bros To Fuel Your Addiction

  • White Chocolate Annihilator.
  • Flap Jack Breve.
  • Golden Eagle Breve.
  • Vanilla Cold Brew.
  • White Chocolate, Toasted Mellow Breve.
  • Dutch Crunch Breve With White Coffee.
  • White Zombie Mocha.
  • Snickers Mocha.


Are Dutch Bros smoothies healthy?

Smoothies (Avoid)

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All of them started with at least 70 g total carbs. The only healthy smoothie in all the Dutch Bros menu is Torani Real Fruit Smoothie if your close location offers one.

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