Frequent question: How does the author respond to the claim that vegans give animals rights?

How does the author respond to the claim that vegans give animals rights that they shouldn’t have? … By saying that vegans are unhealthy and don’t eat enough protein.

What evidence does the author use to respond to the counterclaim that veganism?

The counterclaim would be that veganism does not protect the environment. A good response would be highlighting the damage that meat production does to the environment.

How does the author support the argument that veganism is better for the environment Brainly?

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In the essay “A Defense of Veganism”, by Jessica Scott-Reid, the author supports the argument that veganism is better for the environment with option B) by giving information about the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables.

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What counterclaim is the author responding to by providing this information?

Answer: The Correct Answer is C. Explanation: Counterclaim: An expression that neglects the claim is called a counterclaim.

What is the main argument of a defense of veganism?

Answer Expert Verified. The central argument that the essay “A Defense of Veganism” makes is option B. Many of the claims against vegans are untrue. The author writes about a protest that was held by vegans outside a restaurant bearing a giant sign with the word “murder” in it.

How does a strong counterclaim add to your argument?

How does responding to a strong counter-argument add to your own argument? A. It allows you the opportunity to modify your thesis and change your opinion. … It makes the audience feel that you are arguing for both sides of the issue.

Which statement best evaluates the author’s response to the counterclaim that veganism is not better?

Which statement best evaluates the author’s response to the counterclaim that a vegan diet does not provide enough protein? The author’s response is effective because he cites research about the amount of protein in vegan foods.

How does the author support the argument?

There are three major ways that authors present an argument: Reasoning, in which the author presents a logical explanation of the argument. Evidence, in which the author presents statistics, facts, and studies to prove his point. Appeal, in which the author appeals to the reader’s emotions to elicit empathy.

How do people who eat meat feel about vegans according to the essay?

A. They feel that vegans show “balance and maturity.” They believe that vegans are “horrific” and “immoral.” …

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How would the author best respond to a counterclaim that raising animals?

Answer: I believe the best response to a counterclaim that raising animals to be used as cat food is cruel is: C. By illustrating how animals in the wild are often carnivores.

Why is it important to include a strong and reasonable counterclaim?

By establishing that you know about the counterclaim in your claim, you make your reader know that you´ve studied both sides of the storie and that you´ve come to the conclusion that this is the correct one.

Which action is the best method for responding to a counterclaim apex?

Thus, the best method for responding to a counterclaim is to produce sufficient evidence to neglect or disprove the counterclaims and establish the credibility of your idea before the audience.

Is essential when trying to address counterclaims?

Answer: It is essential to maintain objectivity in addressing the counterclaim to your argument with civility. Explanation: Objectivity is the most desired quality in a counterclaim.

Why is veganism unethical?

Veganism is most dangerous because it convinces vegans that they are morally superior to other humans especially if they are willing to kill humans – even their own children – to “save animals.”

How do you argue for and against ethical veganism?

The first is to offer a carefully reasoned argument for ethical veganism: the view that it is (at least typically) wrong to eat or otherwise use animal products. The second goal is to give you, the reader, some important tools for developing, evaluating, and replying to reasoned arguments for ethical conclusions.

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Why are some people against veganism?

One simple explanation for why people don’t like vegans is because they show how confused humankind is about food choices and how illogical its decision-making can be. And yet none of this really gets to the heart of what it is about vegans that makes people so upset.

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