Are Thin Mints vegan 2021?

Thin Mints are always vegan regardless of the supplier. Similar varieties of these cookies that look and taste mostly the same but have different names and manufacturers aren’t vegan. Before you purchase, be sure to check if your local Girl Scout troop sources cookies from ABC Bakers.

Are any Girl Scout cookies vegan 2021?

ABC Bakers offers five vegan varieties while Little Brownie Bakers has only one. … Here are five vegan Girl Scout cookies to stock up on in 2021.

Do Thin Mints have dairy?

As of our most recent review, Thin Mints are the only dairy-free Girl Scout cookies made by Little Brownie Bakers. Do not mistake their Tagalongs and Girl Scout S’mores, which do contain dairy, for the Peanut Butter Patties and Girl Scout S’mores made by ABC Bakers.

The 2021 lineup is mostly similar to previous years, so expect to see your favorites like Thin Mints, Lemonades, Trefoils (Shortbreads), Caramel deLites (Samoas), Do-si-dos (Peanut Butter Sandwich), Tagalongs (Peanut Butter Patties), Caramel Chocolate Chip, Toffee-tastic, and Girl Scout S’mores.

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How do Girl Scout cookies get vegan?

Think peanut butter crisp coated in chocolate and you’ve got this sweet treat. Take note — while these seem to be the same as the Tagalongs, the latter version has dairy. Stick to the box labeled Peanut Butter Patties to enjoy the vegan version of this popular Girl Scout Cookie.

Which Thin Mints are vegan?

Which Girl Scout Cookies Are Vegan?

  • Thin Mints.
  • Girl Scout S’mores (From ABC Bakers)
  • Thanks-A-Lots (From ABC Bakers)
  • Lemonades (From ABC Bakers)
  • Peanut Butter Patties (From ABC Bakers)


Will Girl Scouts sell cookies in 2021?

Digital Cookie, virtual booth sales, contactless payments, and door-step delivery will allow girls and Troops to continue with the Cookie Program in 2021. … The Cookie Program is vital to the Girl Scout mission of building girls of courage, confidence, and character.

Did Thin Mints Change 2020?

They make Samoas, Tagalongs, Do-si-dos, Trefoils, Lemon-Ups and Toffee-tastic. Lemon-Ups, “a crispy lemon cookie baked with messages inspired by Girl Scout entrepreneurs,” are a new cookie for the 2020 season, the Girl Scouts say. … Both make Thin Mints and Girl Scout S’mores, though their recipes are different.

Are Thin Mints toxic to dogs?

Theobromine is estimated to be toxic to dogs in doses as small as 9mg per pound of body weight. Each serving of Thin Mints is 4 cookies worth, at a weight of 31 grams. … In that 0.15 grams (150 milligrams), there are 3.9mgs of theobromine present.

Are all Thin Mints vegan?

Thin Mints are always vegan regardless of the supplier. Similar varieties of these cookies that look and taste mostly the same but have different names and manufacturers aren’t vegan.

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How much do Thin Mints cost 2021?

2021: $5 to $6 per Box

Traditional cookie flavors — Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs, Do-si-dos, Trefoils, Lemon-Ups and S’mores — would be sold for $5 per package, and the Toffee-tastic specialty flavor would be sold for $6 per package.

The best-selling Girl Scout Cookies are:

  • Thin Mints. ®
  • Caramel deLites®/Samoas. ®
  • Peanut Butter Patties®/Tagalongs. ®
  • Do-si-dos®/Peanut Butter Sandwich. ®
  • Trefoils ® /Shortbread. ®

Which Girl Scout cookies are discontinued?

Caramel Chocolate Chip. Lemonades. Girl Scout S’more (soon to be discontinued)

Are lemon ups the same as lemonades?

Lemon-Ups are a mildly lemon flavored butter cookie with a sweet lemon flavored icing coating on a portion of the bottom of the cookie. Very simply; Lemonades are tangy and Lemon-Ups are sweet.

When did Thin Mints go vegan?

Are you ready for the 2015 cookie season? Here’s what you need to know: the latest news is that all of their Thin Mint cookies are now vegan! Last March, we shared the news about how Girl Scout cookies were starting to head down the vegan path: half the Thin Mints on the market were vegan.

Are Peanut Butter Patties the same as Tagalongs?

Peanut Butter Patties (ABC) … The only real distinction is that the Tagalongs have more layers of peanut butter inside their chocolate coating, while Peanut Butter Patties have a vanilla layer to complement the peanut butter filling.

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